Who are the Moblins?

The Moblins were formed after the death of Matthew Glasscock by his brother, Corey Austen.  Corey recruited Annie, Denny, Logan and Jason to start raising money in Matthew's memory for the Epilepsy Foundation by playing Matt's favorite video games online.  On September 9th, 2016, the Moblins started streaming The Legend of Zelda series on Twitch, playing through 6 games over 66 hours and raising over $5000!

Because of this success, the Moblins decided to keep hosting streams to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation and other worthy causes!

Meet the Moblins:

Corey is Matt's brother and founded the Moblins For Matt.  He is an avid gamer and Nintendo nerd who wants to make the world a better place (but only if he gets to do it with a controller.)  Calling him a Nintendo nerd might be putting it lightly, the Game Room is basically at capacity for collectibles.  He is a busy guy: working full time, a graduate student, and a Moblin, but he still finds time to spend time with his wife and the animals that inhabit the zoo he calls his home.

Twitter: @the_tidalsword

Annie is an NPR-loving Kansas Citian who can usually be found wearing winged eyeliner and pretending she's on HGTV while decorating (or redecorating) her 1908 shirtwaist-style house.
She loves enthusiasm, floral everything, cherry vanilla Diet Coke, obscure references to The Office, and gold (like the color, not in a weird King Midas way).  As the sister-in-law of Matthew and Corey's wife, she is a relative new-comer to gaming, but has a deep passion for helping people, so she is gearing up as Moblin to take on the gaming universe.

Instagram:  @annie_austen

The grandson of legendary fugitive D.B. Cooper, Denny has lived a life defined by transience and complete refusal to do anything he does not want to.
After attending Awesome Games Done Quick (a speedrunning charity event benefiting the Prevent Cancer Foundation) in 2015 and 2016, Denny decided to break into the community by showing up uninvited to the first Moblins for Matt event, apologizing for "being late", and insisting that he was up next. The Moblins were either too polite for too frightened to have him removed - so he remains a part of the team to this day.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter:  @MechaDenny

Logan is a seasoned artist and veteran gamer who thrives on validating--and being validated by--his friends, and being kind to everyone he meets. He sees things from a highly aesthetic-based perspective, and always has design on the mind. Logan is a huge fan of consumer electronics and baseball, and making everyone groan loudly after a particularly lame pun.

Twitter: @logancorsaut

Jason's involvement with the Moblins crew is a result of, like so many other things in his life, shooting off at the mouth without considering the ramifications. One boast of "showing up if you manage to hit the donation goal", and now he's been present for almost every major Moblins event. This is fine though, as Jason has absolutely no issue whatsoever with putting his considerable skills at 'sitting around and playing video games' to work making money for charity. When he's not depriving himself of sleep and sunlight for charity, Jason works in a deli...and yes, he's heard all the puns already.
Twitter: @jivjov


Luke is Denny's friend who loves gaming, yet has never played any of the games that are going to be streamed.  His best quality is that he can wear #DadJorts without actually being someone's dad. He's full of energy and always ready to play when needed.  He's also like, really really pretty.

Twitch: BigRigWarden
Twitter: @bigrigwarden