Accessible Stream

We are playing Pokemon FireRed on stream to raise money for The Seeing Eye every Wednesday at 7 PM CDT.  There are special rules in place for this game.

How it works:

  1. Denny can only catch the first Pokémon he encounters per area.
  2. Denny can only spend money equal to what's been donated. 1 cent = 1 Poké dollar.
  3. If a Pokémon faints, it costs the dollar amount equal to its level to revive it.

All donations go directly to The Seeing Eye. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!!

Below there are 3 tables listing the current Pokemon Party, The "Hospital" (Pokemon that have fainted that can only be revived by donating) and the current donation totals.  Available means how much Denny has to "spend" in the game, total refers to cumulative donations.  These tables have short delay (around 5 minutes).

Below the tables is the Twitch chat window where you can talk to Denny and other viewers/listeners!

Below the Chat window is the Twitch live stream feed.  This is an embedded video feed. Denny is a talented streamer and will be sure to describe all the game play!