Friday, June 9, 2017

Kirby's Streamland was a success!

On June 3rd, the Moblins landed on Popstar to take on the Kirby universe!  I must say, it was an absolute success!  Thanks to you guys, we were able to raise $1700 for the Epilepsy Foundation and SUDEP Institute!  Over the course of stream, we raffled off various prizes during the individual games, as well as a grand prize generously donated by our amazing friend and Moblin Chad Rohr: a New 3DS XL "Galaxy Style",+ two 3DS games: Kirby: Planet Robobot and Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Let me give a general recap for anyone who happened to miss our adventure:

Jason started us off with "Kirby's Adventure" on the NES Classic.  He had an effortless run completing the game at 100%!  During this game, we raffled off a book titled "100 Things to Draw With a Circle: Start with a shape, doodle what you see. (100 Shapes, 100 Doodles)", donated to us by its author, Sarah Walsh. (♪♪ First you draw a circle, and then you dot the, eh, get it?)  Sarah is a VERY talented artist and generally awesome person, so you should definitely check out her work on her website.

The next game was "Kirby Super Star", which was played by Corey and Leslie, Matthew's siblings. The sibling rivalry was (and is) very real, signified by the banter between them.  They went through all the larger games (from Spring Breeze to Milky Way Wishes), as well as the mini-games, where we all decided that Jason and Annie cheat at Samurai Kirby (as seen below).  Leslie also nearly sent Denny back to the nether realm when she destroyed his joke about RuneScape and pickled instruments. #VlassicGaming. During this game, the Moblins raffled off an adorable Sword Kirby plush.

Then the stream fell into a hilarious turmoil with the four player game, "Kirby's Return to Dreamland".  We raffled off two prizes this time, a homemade Kirby plush (this thing is the size of a basketball, it's awesome) and a beautiful print by Mel Matthews.  You should definitely check out her Etsy Shop, there is some really great stuff over there. Logan and Denny created prog songs for their wedding while Corey and Leslie attempted to actually play the damn game.

At 9:30, to take us into the overnight hours of the stream, we paused "Kirby's Return to Dreamland" so Jason could read a bedtime story from "Brawl in the Family."  You can watch that here.

"Kirby and the Rainbow Curse" started at about 1 AM CST and if you ask Sam, Luke, and Annie, it was a curse that lasted for about 150 years.  If you get the chance to go back and watch some of the gameplay, it's certainly worth it.  Sam rolled Kirbo along the rope with Luke and Annie offering support (both in-game and emotionally).  You can see a small sample of it here #DamnYouKirbo. This calamity lasted until Jason woke up to save the day (well, very early morning).  During this game, we raffled off another one of Mel's prints and a small pouch of "Rainbow Curse" colored pencils!

Once the Rainbow Curse was lifted, Jason and Logan went on "Kirby's Air Ride."  After some initial audio issues (way to go, Corey), they were flying through some city trials.

After a bit of a late start, Logan began "Fever Dream: The Game"....I mean "Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards". With Jason as co-pilot, he managed to gather all the shards and took down the Dark Star, beating the game at 100%!  During this game, we raffled off a plushy that was handmade by Jason's wife Nicky, as well as a Waddle Dee amiibo!

It was then time for the "Maxim Tomato Frenzy"... poor, poor Denny.

After stewing in the tomatoey goodness, Denjamin finally got all of the tomato goop out of his ears... and hair... and nether regions... and got started on the final game. Denald's brother David joined him in the tangled up mess also known as "Kirby's Epic Yarn".  We watched the two brothers "unravel" as they hilariously "knit"-picked at each other (ha, sewing puns) when one of them would screw up. Ultimately, they managed to "stitch" their relationship back together (okay, I'm done) to defeat Yin-Yarn and bring Kirby's Streamland to a close.  The raffle this time around was for a one-of-a-kind Kirby cross stitch from Brandi Sahlfeld (check out her Instagram here), as well as a copy of Kirby's Epic Yarn!

So that about does it.  Again, thank you to everyone who donated and watched our livestream!  Every cent goes to help those with epilepsy and to spread the word about epilepsy related illnesses.  Stay tuned for more livestreams and videos from the Moblins.  Until next time...



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